Halloween is around the corner but like every other activity this year, the Covid-19 pandemic will have to be considered, especially when trick-or-treating. The virus spread isn’t slowing down and parents are worried about letting their kids take part in Halloween activities. 

Health authorities are encouraging residents to follow CDC guidelines or even skip the activity altogether. The big question then is: How to stay safe while also enjoying Halloween? 

This year Halloween can be even more fun as there’s an opportunity to get creative and find alternatives to traditional Halloween activities. Some of the activities that can be fun and keep everyone safe are: 

Virtual Costume Parties

Going out for traditional costume parades carries the risk of virus transmission. But that can’t stop you from dressing up and showing off your costumes. Just gather all friends and family through conference calls and guess each other’s costumes. It can be a fun and personalized activity. Most importantly it keeps everyone safe. 

Creative Halloween-Themed Decorations

Social distancing guidelines don’t mean you can’t have fun with decorating pumpkins. Lighting your house according to Halloween traditions can also be a fun activity. Get really creative with your lawn decorations. Surround yourself with that Halloween like environment.

Halloween Movie Night

Movie nights are a fun activity in their own right. Add that Halloween spice by selecting an age-appropriate spooky movie, dress up in your Halloween costumes and watch it together with your family. Get everybody’s reviews and even try to recreate some of the best scenes using costumes. 

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Trick-or-treating is a no go for many families this year. But you can still have fun with your candy. Hide the treats in the house, Gather the kids and set them off on a scavenger hunt. Offer special treats to the winners and even turn it into a yearly tradition. You can even hand a Halloween themed trophy to the winner.

Stay Safe when outside

If you still plan on engaging in outdoor activities make sure that you follow social distancing rules to the maximum. Thankfully, Trick-or-treating is a low contact activity but even when interacting with people avoid contact. 

Some of the methods you can adopt to ensure safety and hygiene are

  • Wear a mask but don’t depend on themed masks as they aren’t as effective. Avoid painting your masks as they might contain toxins.
  • Practice social distancing by creating space between yourself and trick-or-treaters. You can also use gloves or build candy chutes to give out treats. You can learn how to make candy chutes here.
  • Use hand sanitizers and tell your kids to properly wash their hands before going out and upon coming back. Take the sanitizers with you and use them extensively. 
  • Stay in your locality when trick-or-treating. Keep an eye out for virus transmission rates and most impacted areas. Steer clear of high-risk areas. 
  • Keep community gatherings short even if required and stay socially distanced anyway. 

Halloween this year is going to be tricky. The best way to enjoy the holiday is to be creative and minimize outside contact. Stick to the CDC guidelines even when outside. The most important thing is you and your family’s well-being. Have fun and stay safe. 

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