Find Local Charm and Great Coffee at Middleburg Common Grounds

If you’re looking for a cozy, locally owned coffee shop, Middleburg Common Grounds in downtown Middleburg, Virginia has you covered. The menu includes hot and cold coffees and barista-crafted espresso drinks, as well as a selection of excellent baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. Don’t miss out on the excellent sour cream donuts. A great casual […]

Best Wine Shop and Pizza in Middleburg, VA – Knead Wine

Looking for an incredible bottle of vino or satisfy your craving for artisanal pizza? You can find both at Knead Wine in downtown Middleburg, Virginia. Part boutique wine shop, part pizzeria, Knead opened its doors in August 2020. It’s the brainchild of Jarad Slipp, a master sommelier, chef, and former RdV Vineyards estate manager, who […]

Brew with a View – Dirt Farm Brewing

If you’re looking for a brew with a view, look no further than Dirt Farm Brewing in Bluemont, Virginia.  Perched atop the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge mountain range, Dirt Farm has abundant outdoor seating, tasty beverages, and onsite food.  Virginia’s brewery scene has been booming in recent years, and Dirt Farm Brewing (founded […]

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