Weird Virginia “Snake” Actually a South Asian Worm

A weird creature found in Virginia last week, initially thought of as a snake, has been identified as a large invasive species of Asian worm. Images posted on Virginia Wildlife Management and Control facebook page on October 28, showed a long weird snake-like creature. It was reported to be 10-12 inches long and had a […]

Virginia Launches the Largest Infrastructure Project in the Commonwealth’s History

Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel expansion project is set to become the largest infrastructure project in Virginia’s history. Governor Ralph Northam launched the project along with the officials from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) on Thursday.  The $3.8 billion project will increase tunnel and interstate capacity along 9.9 miles of Interstate 64 between Hampton and Norfolk, […]

7 Fascinating Hidden Gems to Visit in Fairfax

Fairfax Virginia is a great place to be if you want to visit amazing tourist attractions. From colorful and scenic views of regional parks to historic and science museums, here’s a list of hidden gems you should visit this Fall.  Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Meadowlark Garden is a true hidden gem of North Virginia. The park […]

Tips to Stay Safe During Halloween – COVID-19 Edition

Halloween is around the corner but like every other activity this year, the Covid-19 pandemic will have to be considered, especially when trick-or-treating. The virus spread isn’t slowing down and parents are worried about letting their kids take part in Halloween activities.  Health authorities are encouraging residents to follow CDC guidelines or even skip the […]

Loudoun County Top in Virginia for Deer-Vehicle Collisions, State Farm Data Shows

Fall is upon us and for Virginia that invariably means a lot of Deer collisions. As the fall begins, the deer start roaming more and more and can often be found on the roadways. Like every year the residents have to be vary of these collisions.  According to the 18th annual deer-vehicle collision study released […]

Festive Family Activities For October 16-18

Fall is here and that brings with it a lot of fun activities in Virginia. It’s time for pumpkin harvesting, apple picking and many other activities that make Virginia so special. However, the outstanding circumstances caused by Covid-19 pose challenges to families looking to have a good time together.  One local farm has issued its […]

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