About The Virginia Herald

The Virginia Herald was founded in 1787.  Published as a weekly newspaper from Fredericksburg, Virginia, it was one of the earliest newspapers in Virginia’s history. Virginia Herald was committed to providing Virginia residents with authentic and fascinating news, staying true to that pledge for over 100 years. 

VirginiaHerald.com was launched to take that mission forward in the digital age. We aim to provide the Commonwealth with a digital source for information that educates and entertains. Virginia Herald is committed to providing timely and compelling news relevant to life in Virginia.

This site is designed to assist those who want to stay informed about the actions of local, county, and state government, and about events in the courts. 

Virginia Herald tells the stories of the wonderful people and places that make this state so fascinating. We keep you updated on big breaking news, local experiences and uncover the hidden gems in our community. Whether you are looking for the most recent news or want to go on a virtual tour of the state, this is the place to be. 

We give you a sneak peek into our culture; the famous vineyards, the lush green fields, the colonial architecture and historic monuments. We give you the low-down on famous destinations, uncover underground stories, court proceedings and all the local events. We cover everything newsworthy; the best hotels and bars, interstate travel news, public health, sports, entertainment, food and drink. Virginia Herald is a news hub for everything that goes on in Virginia from the local to the state level. 

We also encourage interactions with the residents. Readers can comment their thoughts, share ideas and be part of thoughtful debates.

Feel Free to contact us: virginiaheraldstaff@gmail.com