Fairfax Virginia is a great place to be if you want to visit amazing tourist attractions. From colorful and scenic views of regional parks to historic and science museums, here’s a list of hidden gems you should visit this Fall. 

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Meadowlark Garden is a true hidden gem of North Virginia. The park will have so many beautiful colors to offer this Fall. Hickories and Tulips stand out among the tall oaks and beautiful red maples. The cooler temperatures allow visitors to get the most out of the scenic views.

A Korean Bell Garden was recently added to the park. The garden offers a few Asian structures adding an essence of the unique and delicate Korean taste. The garden is surrounded by Lily pond lakes adding to the beauty of the area. 

Tickets are $6 per adult. Children under six can enter for free and enjoy a full day of soothing views. 

Great Falls Park

The 800 acre Great Falls Park located just off the Potomac River is another beautiful place to visit this Fall.

Walks bordering the Potomac River can be so soothing. Mather Gorge is always a great sight and presents beautiful picture taking opportunities.

The Park also offers other moderately difficult trails. So if you want to avoid crowds you can take one of the interior trails. 

When you pay for admission it’s good for re-entry for a week so you can visit multiple days in a row.

Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

Another little gem for the fans of the beautiful view and scenic trails. Trails are marked by painted color squares in mature trees. There’s very little man-made influence here; a few trash cans and benches with some signs near the parking area. 

It’s a conservatory park meaning no vehicles firearms and camping or campfires. You’ll see horseback riders, hikers and lots of dogs. 

It’s quiet, safe without speeding bikers and a great location to visit with family.

There’s part of the canal still intact from George Washington’s time.

If you like natural woods and a peaceful environment you will enjoy Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.

George Mason’s Gunston Hall

A little known attraction, George Mason’s Gunston Hall is perfect for museum lovers and history buffs. 

The Hall was once a tobacco and corn plantation owned by the Author of Virginia Declaration of Rights, George Mason. 

Touring Gunston Hall gives visitors a detailed account of George Mason’s life. 

Purchasing a pass gives you all-day access to hiking trails, grounds, Visitor Center exhibitions and guided tour of the home. Grounds are well kept and there’s a picnic area near the parking lot. 

Hike the scenic trails and discover George Mason’s lasting legacy here. 

Sully Historic Sites

Both a Virginia landmark and a nationally registered historic place, it is a great place to visit for the fans of Sights and Landmarks. The place also known as Sully Plantation is very intricate to the American Civil war. 

The guides are very educated about the history of the house which makes for an informative experience. It’s also a great place to take out of town guests. 

The place offers a house tour and “Forgotten Roads” which is all about the lives of enslaved people who lived here. Overall the site gives visitors a fascinating perspective of life on a Virginia plantation. 

Steven F Udvar Hazy Center

A space museum like no other, the place offers so many fascinating pieces of history. 

There’s a huge display of flying machines from Enola Gay to the Discovery Shuttle. Once you are here you’ll be spending the whole day. The place fascinates people from every age group and really sets a standard for other similar places. 

You get to see an SR-71 spy plane, a retired SST (Super Sonic Transport), the original Boeing 707, the Enola Gay and much more. 

A lot of aviation history is found here and gives visitors a sense of how much things have changed over the years. 

Mustang Sally Brewing Company

If you have had enough of scenic views and museums, you can always go out for a round of food and drinks in Fairfax.

Are you a fan of live music and great beer? Mustang Sally Brewing Company is the place for you. 

It’s a great hang out place for Families and offers a lot of parking. You can drop by with your friends and enjoy outside seating in season.

There’s also Pinball and Corn hole set up and ready to play. Great ambiance, relaxing environment, lovely music and great beer. What’s not to like? 

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